chairs (4)
chairs (3)
bamboo chairs (10)
chair (needs refinishing)
chair (fancy, gold & salmon cushion)
armchair (fancy, white)
dining chair set (6 total)
chair (grey)
bamboo chairs, high (3 dark, 1 painted)
chair (gold cushion)
chair (fancy, gold & maroon cushion)
armchair (cream floral)
rocking chairs (4, black)
chairs (3, newspaper) (1)
bamboo chair, high (1 painted)
chair (fancy, needs new cushions)
chair (black, wicker seat)
am chairs, cream floral (2)
rocking chair (wooden)
chairs (3, newspaper)
caneback chairs (3, black)
caneback chairs
armchairs (2, white)
chairs (2)

Some have more or fewer than pictured but everything pictured is available, items will be removed as they are sold. Email for inquiries.

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